Light My Bricks: Buckingham Palace Lighting Kit

Here is the instructions document for the LEGO Buckingham Palace LED lighting kit. Please read and follow the steps carefully to ensure this lighting kit is installed properly.

If you run into any issues, please refer to the troubleshooting guide.

Package contents:

  • 6x White 15cm Bit Lights
  • 2x White Strip Lights
  • 1x Blue 30cm Bit Light
  • 1x 8-Port Expansion Board
  • 1x 5cm Connecting Cables
  • 1x 15cm Connecting Cables
  • 1x AA Battery Pack

LEGO Pieces

  • 2x Plates 1×6

Important things to note:

Laying cables in between and underneath bricks

Cables can fit in between and underneath LEGO® bricks, plates, and tiles providing they are laid correctly between the LEGO® studs. Do NOT forcefully join LEGO® together around cables; instead ensure they are laying comfortably in between each stud.

CAUTION: Forcing LEGO® to connect over a cable can result in damaging the cable and light.

Connecting cable connectors to Expansion Boards

Take extra care when inserting connectors to ports of Expansion Boards. Connectors can be inserted only one way. With the expansion board facing up, look for the soldered “=” symbol on the left side of the port. The connector side with the wires exposed should be facing toward the soldered “=” symbol as you insert into the port. If a plug won’t fit easily into a port connector, do not force it.

Incorrectly inserting the connector can can result in bent pins inside the port or possible overheating of the expansion board when connected.

Connecting cable connectors to Strip Lights

Take extra care when inserting connectors to ports on the Strip Lights. Connectors can be inserted only one way. With the Strip Light facing up, ensure the side of the connector with the wires exposed is facing down. If a plug won’t fit easily into a port connector, don’t force it. Doing so will damage the plug and the connector.

Installing Bit Lights under LEGO® bricks and plates.

When installing Bit Lights under LEGO® pieces, ensure they are placed the correct way up (Yellow LED component exposed). You can either place them directly on top of LEGO® studs or in between.

OK, Let’s Begin!

Instructions for installing this kit

1.) To start, follow the images below to disconnect pieces which make up the main section of the building.

2.) Remove the 4 lamp posts and then disassemble pieces as per below:

3.) To install lights to these lamp posts, take a White 15cm Bit Light and place it directly over the top of one of the posts. Secure the light in place be reconnecting the LEGO pieces over the top.

Bend the cable directly downward as per below

Repeat this process to install another 3x White 15cm Bit Lights to the remaining 3 lamp posts.

Bend the cable upward where it meets the base of the lamp post.

4.) Reconnect the lamp posts ensuring the cables are facing toward the back of the set.

5.) Remove the 2x centre lamp sections and then disassemble as per below

Install another 2x White 15cm Bit Lights to these lamps by using the same method we used to install the previous 4 bit lights to the lamp posts.

Bend both cables downward and then bend them upward approx. 3cm further down.

6.) Reconnect the lamps back to the set ensuring cables are facing toward the back.

7.) Remove the centre statue at the grey round base followed by the larger grey plate underneath.

8.) Remove the following pieces from the top of the plate and then remove the yellow 2×2 plate.

In order for us to install a light underneath this section we will need to discard this yellow 2×2 plate.

9.) Take the Blue 30cm Bit Light and place it facing down in the centre of the base, in between studs.

Ensure the cable is neatly laid in between lego studs, then secure the light in place by reconnecting one of the trans clear 1×2 plates.

Reconnect surrounding pieces we removed earlier and then reconnect this section back to the set.

10.) Turn the base around to the back and then remove the following sections and tiles as we will be laying the cables underneath these.

11.) Lay the blue bit light cable in between studs before reconnecting a tile and gate over the top.

Lay the five cables in the middle in between studs before reconnecting tiles over the top. Ensure that you leave enough room for the cables at the base of each lamp post before reconnecting tiles over them.

Repeat this process for the lamp posts on the sides then reconnect remaining tiles.

12.) Take the two cables in the middle and bend them up in a 90 degree angle before reconnecting the two middle sections as per below ensuring the 2 cables are visible.

13.) Take the 8-port Expansion Board and connect all seven cables to the ports.

Test all lights are working OK by taking the AA battery pack, inserting 3x AA batteries to it, and then connecting the battery pack cable to the remaining port of the expansion board. Turn the battery pack on and check all lights are working OK.

14.) Remove the battery pack and then connect the 15cm Connecting Cable to the remaining port of the expansion board.

15.) We will now reconnect all the sections which make up the building. Start by reconnecting the 2 middle pillar sections as well as the section behind ensuring you place the expansion board in between.

Turn the expansion board around so that it is sitting vertically straight in the centre.

16.) Reconnect the remaining front and side sections of the building

17.) Reconnect the back sections of the building ensuring you leave the other end of the 15cm connecting cable from the expansion board accessible.

18.) Take a White Strip Light and peel off the adhesive backing and stick it onto the base of a provided LEGO 1×6 Plate.

Connect the 15cm connecting cable from the left side of the building into one of the ports on the Strip Light.

Take the left roof section and then mount the Strip Light underneath in the following position.

19.) Take the 5cm Connecting Cable and connect it to the other end of the Strip Light.

Disconnect the centre roof section and then pull the 5cm connecting cable over to the right side

20.) Take another White Strip Light and stick it to another provided LEGO 1×6 Plate. Connect the 5cm connecting cable we pulled across to the left port on the strip light.

21.) Take the right roof section and then mount the strip light underneath in the following position as pictured below. Take the AA Battery Pack and connect the battery pack cable into the right side of the strip light.

Reconnect the right roof section ensuring the battery pack cable is hidden behind and laid in between studs.

Reconnect the middle roof section.

This completes installation of the Buckingham Palace Light Kit. Turn on your light kit and ENJOY!