Light My Bricks : Starter Kits

Here is the instructions document for the Light My Bricks Starter Kits. Here you will see a range of different examples on how to install our lights to your LEGO creations. Please read and follow the steps carefully to ensure this lighting kit is installed properly.

Package contents:

Starter Kit: Police Car (6 Light)

  • 4x White 15cm Bit Lights
  • 2x Flashing White 15cm Bit Lights
  • 1x 8-Port Expansion board
  • 1x Flat Battery pack (Requires 2x CR2032 Batteries)

Starter Kit: Mixed Light (6 Light)

  • 4x White 30cm Bit Lights
  • 2x LED Strip Lights
  • 2x LEGO Plates 1×6 (for mounting strip lights)
  • 1x 6-Port Expansion board
  • 2x Adhesive Squares
  • 2x 15cm Connecting Cables
  • 1x Flat Battery pack (Requires 2x CR2032 Batteries)

Important things to note:

Laying cables in between and underneath bricks

Cables can fit in between and underneath LEGO® bricks, plates, and tiles providing they are laid correctly between the LEGO® studs. Do NOT forcefully join LEGO® together around cables; instead ensure they are laying comfortably in between each stud.

CAUTION: Forcing LEGO® to connect over a cable can result in damaging the cable and light.

Connecting cable connectors to Strip Lights

Take extra care when inserting connectors to ports on the Strip Lights. Connectors can be inserted only one way. With the Strip Light facing up, ensure the side of the connector with the wires exposed is facing down. If a plug won’t fit easily into a port connector, don’t force it. Doing so will damage the plug and the connector.

Connecting cable connectors to Expansion Boards

Take extra care when inserting connectors to ports of Expansion Boards. Connectors can be inserted only one way. With the expansion board facing up, look for the soldered “=” symbol on the left side of the port. The connector side with the wires exposed should be facing toward the soldered “=” symbol as you insert into the port. If a plug won’t fit easily into a port connector, do not force it.

WARNING: Incorrectly inserting the connector can result in bent pins inside the port or possible overheating of the expansion board when connected.

Installing Bit Lights under LEGO® bricks and plates.

When installing Bit Lights under LEGO® pieces, ensure they are placed the correct way up (Yellow LED component exposed). You can either place them directly on top of LEGO® studs or in between.

OK, Let’s Begin!

How to install Bit Lights to car head / tail lights

Disconnect from each side of the car, the black 1 x 1 brick with the transparent yellow plate attached. Remove the yellow plate from the black brick and take 1x White Bit Light and using the connector end of the cable, thread this through the hole of the front of the black brick.

Pull the cable from the back of the black brick all the way until the LED component is flat up against the other side of the brick. Ensure that the LED component part is facing the correct way up, then secure this down by reconnecting the transparent yellow Lego plate over the top.

Repeat this step for the other head light of the car.

Reconnect the 2 head lights back to the front of the car ensuring the cables for the lights are facing up.

There are also other ways to installing headlights and below is another example:

You can install your head lights underneath Lego plates by placing them over Lego studs and then connecting the Lego plate over the top as per below.

Starter Kit: Mixed Light (6-Light) LED Installation Diagram

How to install Bit Lights to lamps and other lights (Mixed Light Starter Kit)

Example 1

Disconnect the 2 transparent yellow Lego pieces from the lamp sections

Take one of the White Bit Lights and thread the connector side of the cable up through the larger hole of the transparent yellow Lego piece. Thread this all the way until the LED part is right up inside the Lego piece.

Reconnect this piece with LED back to the lamp shade

ensure cable is facing toward the back and the LED component is facing the correct way down

Repeat this process for any other lamp shades.

Example 2

Here is another example of how to install LEDs to lamp posts.

Start by removing the Lego pieces which make up the 2 lamps. You only need to remove the yellow transparent pieces.

Using a White Bit Light, thread the connector side of the cable through the larger hole of the yellow Lego piece. Thread this all the way through until the LED part is sitting comfortably inside the Lego piece, then connect the top of the lamp post (black Lego pieces) back on top of the yellow piece.

Pull the cable all the way through

Repeat this process for the other lamp post.

Connect the lamp back to the lamp post. The cable should be able to fit comfortable in between the lamp and lamp post like below.

How to install Strip Lights to buildings (Mixed Light Starer Kit)

Strip Lights are great for lighting up the inside of buildings or for lighting balconies above windows. Our Strip Lights have adhesive backings which can be used to stick onto the bases of LEGO 1×6 plates. Doing this allows you to easily mount these strip lights to the ceilings of your buildings.

You can mount the strip lights to the roof of your building while connecting the two strip lights together using connecting cables.

You can prevent the cable from hanging down by looping them behind the strip light like what I have done here

Connect the strip lights to your expansion board using another connecting cable.